Are you ready for a crafting game changer? Then the Wendy Vecchi Mini Make Art Stay-tion is the tool you’ve been waiting for! This all-in-one mini craft surface transforms how you stencil, stamp, emboss, and create all your craft projects at home or on-the-go. You’ll wonder how you ever crafted without it! The Mini Make Art Stay-tion by Wendy Vecchi for Ranger Ink is the small space crafting game changer you never knew you needed.


  • One 7″ x 7″ steel magnetic base with a printed grid
  • Four brushed aluminum magnets with soft foam backing
  • One flexible magnetic centering ruler

This magnetic workspace holds your projects securely in place, ensures precise alignment, and helps you produce wonderful results with ease. The best part is, it’s perfect for at home, on the couch, road trips, on the airplane – almost anywhere you can think of! And this smaller version of the original is even easier to take with you on the go!


  • Constructed of one piece of solid, sturdy metal so that it won’t bend or warp when you’re working with it.
  • Even though it’s metal, it’s lightweight and easy to pick up and move.
  • Take it on-the-go! It’s perfect for crafting on the couch, on an airplane, in the car, or anywhere else the mood strikes!
  • No sharp edges – the corners of the Make Art Stay-tion are rounded.
  • The ruler is 7″, with a center mark for perfectly-centered projects.
  • Can easily be used one-handed, or by those who have limited mobility in their arms, hands, or fingers.

If you’ve ever wanted to get perfect stenciled shapes and sentiments with ink, blending, paints, glazes or other mediums – this is the tool for you. It is the perfect size for using popular 6″ x 6″ square stencils. The strong magnets and precision work surface ensure that your stencils stay exactly where you want them to so you get perfect transfers while you make a masterpiece.

If you want to get perfectly centered, absolutely aligned sentiments stamped on your cards every single time, Wendy Vecchi may be your hero. The 7″ Make Art Stay-tion is a wonder when it comes to getting all the perfect little touches and accents right the first time.

How to use your Mini Make Art Stay-tion:

  • For stenciling, line up your paper or cardstock and place the stencil over it. Secure both pieces in place with your magnets. Your paper and stencil won’t slip or slide as you’re blending, adding ink, mediums, or paint in a fun, stenciled design.
  • If you want to ensure your stamps and sentiments are perfectly straight and aligned, place your card on the grid and secure it in place with the magnets. Use the magnetic ruler to find a straight edge in alignment with the lines on the Make Art Stay-tion and then get stamping!
  • For heat embossing, you’ll want to grab a non-stick, heat resistant craft sheet and secure it to the grid using the magnets. Place your project on top and then have some fun with your embossing inks, powders, and heat tool. Use caution, as the Make Art Stay-tion will become hot.
  • Create however you like! The magnets will hold a card or project in place so you can add layers, die cut pieces, accents, embellishments, and more without shifting as you work!

One of the best features of the Make Art Stay-tion is its portability. Its sturdy and lightweight magnetic design means that you can take it and your project in progress with you wherever you go. Slide it into your tote bag, your carry-on, or just grab it as you hop in the passenger seat for a road trip. Your sketches, cards, layouts, coloring pages, doodles, journal cards, and everything else will stay in place as you work!

Tips for using your Make Art Stay-tion:

  • Do not use the Make Art Stay-tion as a cutting surface, as blades will damage the metal and grid lines.
  • The magnets are strong – handle them with care to avoid getting pinched.
  • If you’re looking to make a creative mess with paints, glossy accents, or inks, use a non-stick craft sheet on top of your Make Art Stay-tion.
  • Be careful when using for heat embossing; the small space will heat up fast so be mindful of your fingers

How to clean the Make Art Stay-tion

  • Clean up is so simple – grab a damp cloth and a little bit of dish soap to gently wipe the surface and you’ll be good to go!
  • Make clean up even easier when you use a Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet on top of your Make Art Stay-tion.

This amazing little tool is exactly what you need to transform the way you craft. You’ll be blown away by the perfect results in your stenciling, stamping, heat embossing, drawing, coloring, and everything else. It will be your new, tiny go-to work surface for home or on-the-go when crafting inspiration strikes.


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