This is embarrassing,…

But, I thought I would share some pictures of my craft space (and very messy apartment!!) and ask for some advice. In an ideal world, my crafting space would look something like this, or this.

I live in a small 2 bedroom, furnished (hence the ugly curtains) apartment in London and I REALLY struggle with space for all my supplies. I have a set of shelves in our spare room and a small work table in our living room…but, lately a lot of my stuff lives on my dresser, the floor, kitchen table, etc.

I did a big stock up of materials over the holidays back home in the states (see image below!). In my extremely jet lagged state these are living in a very unorganized pile on the spare bed. As I am currently a zombie (my working day feels like 12am – 8am, thank you, California) and I have not had the energy to tackle this pile of goodies.

But, when I do muster up the energy all of this has to fit somewhere on here:

Or crammed onto my work table here:

So, the question is – how can I make better use of my space?? I think I need a new method for storing ribbon – I use Tupperware containers and I think something wall-mounted would be better. 
Also, what is the best method for storing clear stamps? I recently purchased photo albums as I thought this would be ideal, but I can barely fit any in the albums I bought without making them 4 times their original size — maybe I should have gone with ring bound albums instead??

Lastly, I think a purge of supplies is definitely in order!
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