Project Life Title Page – 2014

Ok, you might think the blog title is a typo – why on earth would I only be posting my 2014 cover page just days before 2015? But, alas, it is the real deal. I have only just finished my 2014 cover page for this past year. It is the sad truth and a glimpse of how behind I am on this major project. But, that’s ok. I am hopeful that I will finish it one day. And, if I don’t, I have lots of good memories documented already – glass half full, right?! So, without further ado, here is the starting point for last year. Fingers crossed I will do 2015 a tiny bit sooner!

TitlePage_blog TitlePage_detail1_blog TitlePage_detail2_blog TitlePage_detail3_blog
I am really pleased with how it came out actually, so maybe it was good I waited until I had a year’s worth of photos to choose from. The colors – chartreuse greens, blues and yellows, seem to capture the mood of this past year and the words I chose to highlight do represent a feeling I am taking away from the year – things I may not have chosen at the start of 2014. Doesn’t hurt to have a whole year’s worth of new supplies to choose from either ;-)

I am hoping to stay more up to date this coming year and share my spreads more often, but I have learned from the past and I am not going to make a hard and fast promise or deadline – it just isn’t happening that way for me right now and that’s ok.

Wishing you all a great remainder of your weekend – thanks for stopping by!

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