Project Life Weeks 10 & 11

Hello friends! Whew, the week got away from me – what about you? Our daycare is closed for 2 weeks and things are pretty busy around here! Yesterday we took an impromptu day trip to Lake Caumasee (about 1.5 hours from Zurich) – it was such a nice way to spend a day and felt like a real holiday – even if for only 6 hours! It was stunning.

I’m still playing MAJOR catch up on Project Life – I have yet to figure out a system to organize, edit & print my photos in a more timely manner. It literally takes me hours to sort through all the photos from my Iphone & DSLR, sort them into weeks, choose all the placements for the pockets, edit, print, cut – I can’t quite work out how to streamline it – any suggestions really appreciated. Anywho, I digress. Here are weeks 10 & 11.

These weeks featured a day trip to the Alscace region in France & some quiet time around Zurich as I recovered from a surgery. Can’t wait to get more pages done – I love having it completed – so satisfying. 
Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend!
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