Some cards & some soul searching

Hello long lost blog! It is good to see you…

I wanted to do a quick post as it has been over a month. I was home in America visiting my family for a month and card making and blogging weren’t really in the picture – it was all about family time with Jacob and enjoying the sunshine. All good things.

I did manage 2 cards when I was home. I had to use very limited supplies – I was restricted to what I purchased when I was home and my mom’s collection of card making basics. It was a good exercise. This is what I came up with…

I am now back in Zurich and we just celebrated Jacob’s 6 month birthday. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about motherhood and my creative pursuits. I have had no time to make anything since having Jacob. Between his severe reflux, which has made him a very needy baby, and moving to a new country, the first 6 months have just been intense and exhausting. Jacob has never even slept through the night – not even close.

I look longingly at my craft room and wish I could find the time, energy and creativity to be in there, but I really don’t have any of those things. And, I feel guilty for wishing I could spend time making cards, when I should just be enjoying everyday with my sweet little guy.

So, I’m torn – I am so grateful for the time I have with Jacob – grateful I am not working, grateful we have had so many opportunities for fun and bonding – but, I’m still sad I have let my creative endeavours take such a back seat. I have also decided if I do get any time in my craft room I should be dedicating it to documenting Jacob’s life, despite not being much of a scrapbooker. 

Really this is more of a question than soul searching – how do new moms do it? I have no family here to help and we have not considered any type of childcare yet. I am exhausted when I put Jacob to bed at night and there are still purees to make and bottles to sterilize. How on earth do you ever find the time, much less the creativity to make anything?!?! And, on top of that, how do you keep up your blog? Tweet? Talk to friends? Exercise? I am still in the stage when showering feels like a massive accomplishment – I thought that was supposed to be over by now! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 
Sorry for the ramblings – wishing all my lovely followers a lovely Monday & week!
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  1. says

    Hello Rachel and gorgeous cards just goes to show we do not need loads of supplies. So glad you are loving your time with you wee man but do not feel bad about needing time for yourself, I have 3 children and the youngest is 11 now and it gets much easier to find time for yourself when they get older, in fact I now insist on me time because I feel it makes me a better mother.If you are not getting a full nights sleep and on top of moving and the problems your little man has had you must feel exhausted but it will all get easier.
    Sorry I have waffled on a bit but but I just so remember being at the same point in my life and how I felt and wanted to send Big Hugs your way
    Louise xx